Testimonials (Check Back! More on the Way!)

"Dr. Tayler; Thank you for the life changing Theta Healing Session. It exceeded all expectations. To anyone reading this, know that truths shall be revealed to you that will help to set you free of the "mind trap" we have come to know as the only way of life. Dr. Tayler delivered messages from divine SOURCE in the most serene, acceptable, and inspiring way. The "release" and inspiration from our session has opened even more doors for me in embracing my own truths, all which leads to acceptance, peace, and guidance. For anyone reading this that is just starting on your path to find your truths, to find the light and love that is within you, I can assure you that the gentle nature of Dr. Tayler is comforting, loving, and without judgement. Thank you Dr. Tayler, you made a difference in my life!!!!! ~ Love and Light, Susan (Tucson)"

"My nerve pain is about 90% better, I have noticed the bunion trying to grow on my right foot is significantly less bothersome, and BEST of all, and what I am truly AMAZED at is the fact that I have not had the desire to drink [alcohol] since our session. That has NEVER happened to me! I have NEVER experienced that. Having recovered alcoholics in the family, and concern about a tendency that way myself, it's something I've always had to sort of 'fight' and be very careful of. Recently, I was feeling a little 'blue' one day and pulled out a bottle of wine but then I realized that I REALLY didn't want it!! ~ Happy in Florida"

About Me                                                           

Dr. T TaylerI am Dr. Tevna Tayler, the owner of Wildhorse Natural Medicine, and a Licensed Naturopathic Physician. I completed my pre-medical undergraduate coursework and degree at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, in 1995 and then spent almost 10 years working in the software industry as a developer and technical writer before returning to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor in 2004.

I took a detour from 1986 to 1990 to serve on active duty in the US Army, where I was trained as an Arabic Linguist and worked at the National Security Agency. So, I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran and have some understanding of the military lifestyle and related health conditions, though I was fortunate to have never been called to combat duty and grateful to those who served on our behalf. Injured and disabled Veterans are always welcome in my practice and I will do my best to help heal the injuries that you sustained, and/or refer you for ongoing treatment in the case of chronic disability that can best be treated by alternative healing methods that I do not provide directly.

The reason that I left my original intended track of proceeding on to regular medical school in 1995 was that I became very sick and completely disenchanted with regular medicine when it failed to heal me in the years that followed. I set out on my own healing journey and eventually discovered Homeopathy (in India) and then Naturopathic Medicine (in Connecticut) and Energy medicine (in France), finally healing myself with the help of of some great doctors over several years, after which I decided to pursue training as a Naturopathic Doctor myself. It is my goal to provide you with the same sort of excellent healing assistance that changed my life, hoping that it will change yours, as well.

I graduated from The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona, with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in July 2008, after winning a Lane Scholarship for academic excellence in the Medical Sciences, which I believe are a critical basis for understanding the details of your physical health challenges, although they do not explain the whole picture of your condition on an emotional, psychological, mental, or spiritual level. I use my knowledge and understanding in the Medical Sciences to help me choose the best possible combinations of supplements, herbs, nutrition, and medications, if needed for your condition. However, I don't stop there and always guide you in exploring your healing options at every level, which I believe is essential for real and complete healing. I am a Certified ThetaHealing« Practitioner and use this technique, brought to the world in recent times by Vianna Stibal, to connect to the Creator of All That Is to determine the Highest and Best pathway to your Healing.

I also currently teach the Medical Sciences (through remote webinars) at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and consult with some regular doctors in the Phoenix area. So, I am available for consults in Calgary and Phoenix sometimes, as well as in Tucson. Note that I am not licensed to practice medicine anywhere that Arizona at this time, so consults in other locations are limited to ThetaHealing and general lifestyle guidance as a health consultant. \

The Wild Horse

I chose the image of the wild horse for my healing practice because it is my goal to help you become strong and free from the limitations of your health problems like the wild horse is strong and free in his or her natural environment.