Wild Horse Natural Medicine

Free Yourself to Health

Hello, and welcome to the website for my healing practice. I’m Dr. Tevna Tayler, a Licensed Naturopathic Physician. My goal is to assist you in setting yourself free from the restrictions of your health concerns so that you can return to your natural state of health.

The Wild Horse symbolizes you – and me – running free in celebration of our lives, released from the limitations that we may have placed on ourselves previously. My approach to healing is transformational and multi-dimensional. It is a journey that reaches to the core of who you are in this lifetime, on this Earth, and how that relates to your health (or apparent lack of it).

I believe that healing happens in multiple dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological, relational/social, environmental, and physical. I also believe that we “choose” our health concerns – and sometimes those of our loved ones – even if we are not conscious of doing so at the time. I believe that our illnesses “speak” to us about what we need to learn, and address, and sometimes they are attempting to help guide us back to ourselves and our true path in this lifetime.

So, I do not approach your illness, dis-ease, or concern as an “enemy” to be vanquished, but as a valued friend, guide, helper, or advisor. And, when you get the message you will find that either your health is restored completely or you are completely at peace with the state of health that you choose and you are clear about the reasons for any remaining limitations. I am a Certified ThetaHealing� Practitioner and use this technique, brought to the world in recent times by Vianna Stibal, to connect to the Creator of All That Is to determine the Highest and Best pathway to your Healing.

I prefer to use ThetaHealing� and Homeopathy (Classical/Sensation Method) as my primary methods of assisting you with your healing, supplementing those treatments with the following, where appropriate:

  • Counseling and Healing Journey Guidance
  • Gemstone/Energy Therapy
  • Customized nutritional, herbal, supplement (functional medicine), and lifestyle plans – including recommendations for relevant lab testing, if appropriate
  • Prescription medication, if needed

I do not specialize in particular conditions as everyone expresses “dis-ease” differently and those expressions result in a wide variety of “named” medical conditions from the standard medical perspective. I treat the person, not the disease. So, it does not matter “what” you “have”. What matters is if you feel that I am a healer that can help to guide you back to the healthy state that you are seeking. Listen to a radio interview with me discussing my views on health and wellness:          

You may also enjoy browsing through the answers to some frequently-asked questions about naturopathic medicine below: What is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician? Licensed naturopathic physicians – also known as licensed naturopathic doctors, or NDs or NMDs – are family practice doctors licensed by the state Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board to practice naturopathic medicine, a combination of traditional and modern scientific medicine that works with your body’s innate intelligence to restore you to your natural state of health. Naturopathic medicine is very individualized and focused on you, specifically. When Should You Consult a Licensed Naturopathic Physician? You should consider it whenever you are not achieving or maintaining the level of health that you would like with regular medical care or personal adjustments to your lifestyle. You will also find naturopathic medical care invaluable if you are trying to reduce or eliminate pharmaceutical medications from your healing process, attempting to lose or gain weight, adjusting to fluctuating hormones, preparing for or recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, suffering from any chronic or recurring illness, or generally interested in personalized preventive medicine or healthy aging and fitness. What Can You Expect from Naturopathic Medical Treatment? As with any healing process, the results vary based on each individual. Some people are able to completely eliminate all pharmaceutical medications and heal completely from longstanding health problems, and others only acheive some improvement. At a minimum, you will have the opportunity to understand your specific health concerns in more detail and to learn how to take more control over your own health in ways unique to you. Do Licensed Naturopathic Physicians Go to Medical School? Yes, they attend a 4-year, full-time, on-site, post-graduate medical school very similar to regular medical school. Their training includes all of the same courses that regular physicians complete plus additional training in areas such as homeopathy, musculoskeletal adjustments, botanicals, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, counseling, orthomolecular supplementation, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and mind/body medicine. Dr. Tayler attended the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and held an active license to practice Naturopathic Medicine for 8 years. Can Licensed Naturopathic Physicians Write Prescriptions? Yes, in Arizona, they can write prescriptions for most classes of pharmaceutical medications, when needed, but this varies between states in the US and provinces in Canada. Normally, naturopathic physicians attempt to avoid prescribing medications in favor of less invasive treatments with fewer side effects, whenever possible. And, they can often help you safely reduce or eliminate medications that you currently need, often (and preferably) with the help and support of the physician who originally prescribed them. In addition, they will work with or refer you to other physicians if they feel that you need a medication (or other treatment) that they are not able to prescribe or provide. Are Licensed Naturopathic Physicians Covered by my Insurance or HSA? Treatment given by naturopathic physicians is covered by Health Savings Accounts and similar plans, but coverage varies within and among insurance companies. Check with your insurance company for details. For more information about me and my practice, see the About page and the Services page . To find out more about naturopathic medicine, visit The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians as well as FAQ on Naturopathic Medicine.